Making of NX15

NX15 Making of quadrupetrobot made with M5 Atom

Making of NX15


 1. Overview
 2. Components
 3. About M5Atom
 4. Designed by Fusion360
 5. Assembly
 6. Control App for macOS
 7. Simulation by ROS+gazebo
 8. Motion check

1. Overview

I made a 4-legged robot with M5Atom Matrix, which is the smallest in the M5Stack series.

2. Components

2)PCA9685 servo driver
3)Servo TowerPro MG90D x12
4)Battery 6V NiMH battery


3. About M5Atom

I wrote about M5Atom on my blog, so please see here.

4.Designed by Fusion360

I used Fusion 360 for structural design.


NX15_1 NX15_2

6.Control App for macOS

This time I created the motion using my own macOS application.

7.Simulation by ROS+gazebo

This time, I am working on a simulation using ROS.
See other books and sites for a description of ROS.
I can now simulate motion on gazebo. It can also be operated with the keyboard.

I put the source of ROS+gazebo on github, so I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

8.Motion check


  • 2021.5.29Added some moviesNEW 
  • 2021.5.16Added information on machine control via gazebo
  • 2021.5.5Added information on ROS + gazebo
  • 2021.4.18Created a page for making of quadrupetrobot with M5Atom
  • inserted by FC2 system