Creating NX09 motion

Creating NX09 motion

Let me introduce to you the motion of my simple biped robot.

Home position

Firstly I adjested zero point. Servos have some errors. If you think you set 90deg, but it set angles which contained some error.

We call zero setting “Trimming”. And zero point position is “Home position”.

I write sketch that control servo on 90deg. And I adjusted.

In this time 92deg, 89deg, 87deg, 87deg are best.

The sketch for home position is here.

Simple walking motion

Next is the motion of my simple biped robot.

I make walking motion like animation.

1 Right leg Up (10deg)
2 Right leg FWD (-10deg)
3 Tilting body to opposite side and left leg UP (-10deg)
4 Left leg FWD (10deg)
5 Left leg FWD (10deg)
6 Right leg Up (10deg)

The sketch is here.

The actual motion is here.

inserted by FC2 system