3D CAD Fusion360

Introducing Fusion360 as 3DCAD.

Operation of Fusion360


 1. Overview
 2. Install
 3. Basic modeling①cylinder
 4. Basic modeling②Hole
 5. Scketch①
 6. Scketch②
 7. Chamfer
 8. Filet
 9. Sheetmetal

1. overview

Recently, there are many free 3D CAD. Creo Parametric, Autodesk Inventor and others 3D CAD cost about $1,000, but we can't use such expensive software. So we use free 3D CAD. I recommend Autodesk Fusion360. It's free for academic use and less than $100,000 buisiness use. It's good solution for armature robot builders.


This software is easy to install. You can find the download site on Google as Autodesk Fusion360. You must regist your personal information for getting account. Your data will be saved on cloud, so that you use this account always.

Fusion360 official site fc2blog_20170624075606195.jpg

Let's get start modering a servo. Firstly measure the dimentions of servo. Basic modering of 3DCAD is extrusion. Sketch shapes on a surface and extrude. Holes are extruded from sketch as well. And you put chamfers and rounds. I put a movie as the reference.


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